Value for Money and the Environment

Value for Money and the Environment

Our despatch system is focused on taking care of our environment.

Whilst we will always aim to be there when requested if you are more environmentally focused and have slightly more time on your hands our award-winning despatch system thinks about the environment and matches you to the closest available driver based on certain dead mileage limits.

Dead mileage is the term used to describe the distance between where the vehicle is and where it has to go to pick a passenger up. Dead mileage is bad for the environment as the vehicle is empty when travelling. However our despatch system takes this all into account  and minimises the amount of dead mileage thus reducing the impact on the environment.

We have a 30 minute window upto your latest required pick up time in order to reduce the environmental impact. As as result environmentally friendly pricing provides travellers with a low cost fare  – as low as £4.10 so quite literally we provide taxi’s that don’t cost the earth !

Tip ! If you want to use our environmental service book your pick up time half hour before your deadline – will will turn up anywhere between on time and 30 mins after so be ready as you could see us early than expected.

With fixed prices to certain destinations such as airports and non-metered fares you can always rely on a competitive price for your transfer requirements